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Affiliate Programme

Do you ever speak to anyone either at work or during social gatherings who are thinking about going into business?  Or they may have already taken the plunge and have started trading.  Do you work in a position helping others start or manage their businesses?  Are you a business advisor, an accountant, supplier, a bank manager or are you involved in any role helping others achieve their goals?  If so, then you could be making extra pounds generating leads to us for any of your customers, family or friends who could benefit from the many advantages of this essential part of any new or existing business.  Everyone needs a website in this age of technology we now refer to as the cybernetic age and I'm guessing that you come across these oportunities every month.....so why not make some money from it!  

Choosing to refer your contacts to Rent A Website.Biz is ensuring that they have access to experienced designers who all have experience of managing successful businesses....not just geeky bedroom coders who have no experience of what works well in the REAL world.  We also ensure we always talk in plain english...no jargon, no confusing chat and no confusing acronymns, just good old fashioned advice on what works well and how your contacts can get the most out of getting their business online.  By choosing Rent A Website.Biz also means they have everything under one roof, a business in a box if you like.  So the monthly payment not only covers the set up of the website and design, but also includes hosting, domain name management (DNS management), SEO optimisation, search engine indexing, logo design, support, video integration, google map integration and lots lots more.  We take the pain and confusion from website design.

By referring new clients to Rent A Website.Biz and joining our affiliate scheme, you will be rewarded in one of two ways.  You can be paid monthly which is a % of the package amount your referral opted into or annually allowing your commisions to build up.  This applies for the life of the contract and is variable depending on any changes your referral makes to their package.  This can mean your commision payment increasing or decreasing, although it is normally the former given the nature of our business.  If your client opts for a commissioned project, you will recieve a percentage of the final fee upon completion of the website.  

How much you earn depends entirely on how many leads you refer to us, how many sign up and the package they sign up to.  When you sign up with us, we will send out a confirmation of what your commision rates are as a Rent A Website reseller.  Just now for example, our Bronze package pays our partners a 25% commision, meaning if you succesfully refer a new client to us who signs for this package, you will recieve £5 every month they continue to pay for their subscription.  So 10 referral s who sign for the basic package is worth £600 annually and for doing very little!  Your input is minimal, your potential return well worth the few minutes it takes to refer potential clients.  Now helping your clients can help you too.  Get in touch today by emailing [email protected] for more information or calling the office on 0700 3497 278

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